Sigrid.AI is a virtual executive assistant service staffed by humans and powered by artificial intelligence. Our clients spend their time creating the future. We help them get there
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Services tailored to your needs

Travel Management

Your virtual executive assistant (VEA) works with the Sigrid.AI Travel Desk to manage all aspects of your travel according to your personal preferences, including obtaining competitive price quotes, buying tickets, handling check-ins, booking hotels, restaurants, ground transportation and anything else required to ensure a seamless travel experience.

Calendar & Meeting Management

Your VEA proactively manages your professional and private calendars, including handling all correspondence and coordination in relation to meetings, calls and events.

Bookkeeping & Expense Management

Your VEA works with our bookkeeping specialists to implement a tailored expense management and reporting process, letting you spend less time expense reporting and more time doing business.

Virtual Receptionist

Your VEA and our team of specialists can assist with many more services, e.g. email inbox management, virtual receptionist service, research, preparation of presentations, handling of insurance claims, data entry, maintenance of  memberships, online accounts, bill payment, organizing documents and files, etc. – anything that frees you up to spend time on the things that really matter to you.

Virtual Debit Card

Sigrid.AI offers clients physical and virtual debit cards in several currencies at no extra cost, allowing the VEA to make secure purchases on the client’s behalf, while simplifying travel expense reporting and guaranteeing market leading exchange rates and low transaction fees.

Support across all time zones

Clients pick one of three Service Hour Time Zones –  Singapore, New York or Copenhagen (CET) – during which their VEA will respond to and resolve tasks requests. A back-up team ensures that urgent tasks are handled outside agreed Service Hours. During international travel, clients can choose to adjust their VEA’s working hours to one of the other two time zones to ensure full coverage.

The right people, platform and processes

As a client, you are allocated a half-time or full-time Virtual Executive Assistant on call during weekdays. You will communicate directly with your VEA, continuously submitting tasks, receiving acknowledgments and updates

You only have to tell us once

Each client’s preferences are stored and continuously updated in a confidential Client Fact Book (CFB). This information is combined with the knowledge gained from supporting multiple clients and organizations to help optimize the tailored services and recommendations provided to our clients.

We handle hiring, management, and training

All VEAs are university educated, speak and write English at professional level, and have been through rigorous testing. In addition, staff receives several hours of in-person training per week.

Supported by a back-up team

Your VEA is responsible for the service quality and works on everything related to scheduling, meetings planning, diary management, etc., while also coordinating a support team of specialists and backup VEAs. This system allows us to maintain a consistent service across different time zones and to handle urgent requests outside peak service hours.

Sigrid.AI is never sick, and never quits

Once you are up and running with a Sigrid.AI VEA, you will never again have to worry about your assistant taking the day off or deciding to change jobs. We take seamless back-ups and transitions very seriously.


Manage your VEA with the Sigrid.AI Mobile App

Client's can manage and submit tasks, get a quick overview and status of short-term and long-term tasks, as well as run a continuous dialogue with the VEA on chat

Company Facts

Tasks resolved
Hours given back
Meetings booked
Cups of coffee

I hired Sigrid.AI to support my sales team of frequent travelers. From day one, their expense management and reporting service has freed up at least 20 hours a month of my most valuable sales resources allowing my team to focus 100% on growing our business. I would highly recommend Sigrid.AI

Anders Juul Eilersen

N.Eilersen A/S

Working with my virtual executive assistant and the support team on recurring tasks such as calendar management, expense reporting and flight bookings has saved me more than 5 hours a week and really helped boost my performance level

Freddy Ingemann Founder & CEO