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Life Logistics Management

Nothing beats having your executive assistant manage last-minute changes to your schedule. Life Logistics Management is all about optimizing your day with a well-planned schedule that relieves you of the worry of missing or running late for your meetings and appointments.

Travel Management

Sigrid.AI Travel Management helps you stay focused while your executive assistant and travel desk get you from point A to point B stress-free. Your executive assistant (EA) manages all aspects of your travel, including sourcing price-competitive flights, hotels
and ground transportation options. Everything is based on a detailed understanding of your preferences, as well as recommendations from our community of like-minded clients.

Expense Management

Sigrid.AI Expense Management is a simple two-step process that allows you to spend less time expense reporting and more time on your business. You no longer have to endure the gruesome process of finding, sorting and organizing receipts and remembering events and dates. 1. Take a photo of the receipt with your phone, and 2. Email it to expenses@sigrid.AI.

Contact Management

Staying in touch with contacts is as important as getting them in the first place. Your executive assistant (EA) works with you to create a strategy for managing your business and personal contacts. Your EA will advise you about choice of CRM/contact management system and proceed to consolidate, clean up and deduplicate all your existing contacts.


Knowledge is power. Stay ahead of the competition. Sigrid.AI can provide you with details about people you are meeting or, even better, find the right people for you to meet with.

Secretarial Services

Nothing beats having your executive assistant do the transcribing while you do the innovative thinking. Your EA can assist you with the transcription of emailed-in audio recordings, as well as the preparation and proof-reading of letters, presentations, documents and email, etc.

Secure Data Management

Sigrid.AI will propose and help you implement a data protection and sharing strategy for your sensitive data, log-ins and documents that gives you secure and convenient access to your information across all your devices (mobile, tablet, computer) and lets you selectively share items such as passwords and
ID information with your executive assistant.

Secure Payments

Sigrid.AI Virtual Debit Cards are issued through Revolut (www.revolut.com) or Cardlay (www.cardlay.com) and offer
low and completely transparent fees while eliminating exchange losses when spending in different currencies. With a prefunded Sigrid.AI Virtual Debit Card, your executive assistant can securely pay bills and make purchases such as travel tickets, hotel bookings, booking and paying for cinema tickets, ordering items to be shipped from Amazon, etc., on your behalf.

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A huge thanks to Sigrid AI and to a super EA team. You have made a big difference in my daily life and your outstanding care and support has been constant. Attention to detail, the proactive approach and making the personal effort to really understand my work and life provides me now with precious me-time that I did not have previously and has added a robust structure to my calendar. This has impressed me from day one and immediately increased my effectiveness. Sigrid AI’s diligent care and the impressive suite of Executive Assistant Services has proven very beneficial and I would highly recommend Sigrid AI to anyone who is faced with similar busy schedules and lifestyles. I applaud your innovative approach to executive support. You have understood to blend science, heart and the art of being a superior EA.

Lars Dencker Nielsen

Scorpio Tankers ─ Commercial Director
It is great knowing that I will never again need to spend time finding and building a relationship with an assistant since the Sigrid.AI knowledge management system and team of back-up EAs and specialists guarantee continuity of service no matter what

Lars Kroijer


I hired Sigrid.AI to support my sales team of frequent travelers. From day one, their expense management and reporting service has freed up at least 20 hours a month of my most valuable sales resources allowing my team to focus 100% on growing our business. I would highly recommend Sigrid.AI

Anders Juul Eilersen

N.Eilersen A/S

Working with my executive assistant and the support team on recurring tasks such as calendar management, expense reporting and flight bookings has saved me more than 5 hours a week and really helped boost my performance level

Freddy Ingemann

Moscord ─ Founder & CEO