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Sigrid.AI is a high-end executive assistant service enabling you to outsource administrative tasks to a combination of human specialists and machine learning...

When you sign up for the subscription-based service, you are not serviced by one person but by an ‘aggregate assistant’ powered by a whole team of highly qualified, managed EAs and specialists in areas such as Travel Management, Expense Management, IT-Support, and Research.

The service is available Monday through Friday in multiple time-zones and helps with all your administrative tasks, such as meeting scheduling, travel booking, processing of your expenses, online research, IT-Support or booking appointments on your behalf.

A Sigrid.AI executive assistant is always ON, has no breaks, or sick days, follows you everywhere, and always remembers your personal preferences.

With a Sigrid.AI executive assistant, you can focus more on important projects knowing that the details of your day-to-day will be taken care of.


Tasks solved
Hours given back
Meetings booked
Years wiser

Running your own business and need to find more time in your day? Check out Sigrid.AI. Bliss!

Steppingstone ─ Stefan Focas, Founder & Managing Director

I started with an executive assistant from Sigrid.AI a couple of months ago, Mara, and she has made a world of difference in my day-to-day life. Can’t recommend highly enough.

OLIVELA ─ Stacey Boyd, CEO

A huge thanks to Sigrid.AI and to a super EA team. You have made a big difference in my daily life and your outstanding care and support have been constant. Attention to detail, the proactive approach and making the personal effort to really understand my work and life provides me now with precious me-time that I did not have previously and has added a robust structure to my calendar. This has impressed me from day one and immediately increased my effectiveness. Sigrid.AI’s diligent care and the impressive suite of Executive Assistant Services has proven very beneficial and I would highly recommend Sigrid.AI to anyone who is faced with similar busy schedules and lifestyles. I applaud your innovative approach to executive support. You have understood to blend science, heart and the art of being a superior EA.

Scorpio Tankers ─ Lars Dencker Nielsen, Commercial Director
It is great knowing that I will never again need to spend time finding and building a relationship with an assistant since the Sigrid.AI knowledge management system and team of back-up EAs and specialists guarantee continuity of service no matter what.
AlliedCrowds ─ Lars Kroijer

I hired Sigrid.AI to support my sales team of frequent travelers. From day one, their expense management and reporting service has freed up at least 20 hours a month of my most valuable sales resources allowing my team to focus 100% on growing our business. I would highly recommend Sigrid.AI.

N.Eilersen A/S ─ Anders Juul Eilersen

Working with my executive assistant and the support team on recurring tasks such as calendar management, expense reporting and flight bookings has saved me more than 5 hours a week and really helped boost my performance level.

Moscord ─ Freddy Ingemann, Founder & CEO