Sigrid.AI was founded in Singapore in 2016 by co-founders Ida Marie Iuel and Paul Ostergaard. While at ShipServ - the world's leading e-marketplace for the marine and offshore industries, which he founded and led as CEO for 16 years – Paul relied on his Manila-based remote executive assistant Sigrid to coordinate a hectic personal and professional life with more than 250 travel days annually across America, Europe, and Asia.



Our vision is to democratize access to executive support and to create jobs out of AI instead of replacing them.



Sigrid.AI has a twofold mission. We want to provide busy executives all over the world with the freedom to pursue their professional dreams and ambitions, while still having time for the other things that create meaning in their lives, such as health, family, and relationships. We provide them with access to affordable and remote world-class executive support that allows them to outsource administrative tasks that sustain an executive’s lifestyle to a combination of specialists and machine learning.

We want to empower the millions of highly educated, hardworking and ambitious people who for reasons of choice or fate live outside the economic hubs of the world and give them an opportunity to have meaningful careers while staying close to their families and communities. All employees are hired on full-time employment contracts and enjoy full HMO and job security.


We want to help people lead more meaningful lives, by allowing them to spend more time on the things that matter to them.

— Ida Marie Iuel & Paul Ostergaard