A dedicated EA augmented by AI

The EA personally handles all complex tasks and takes overall responsibility for the quality of the service experience, while being supported by and coordinating the work of a team of associate EAs and Specialists in areas such as Life Logistics Management, Travel Management, Expense Management, Contacts Management, IT-Support, and Research. The more specialists we add to the organization, the more diverse our EAs' skills become.

Continuity is guaranteed

Sigrid.AI’s executive assistants (EAs) service clients through MySigrid - an advanced AI-powered task management and communication platform built specifically for executive assistants. The platform enforces standardized processes for the handling of a task category, improving quality, reducing human error and increasing speed. All communication between the EA and the client is logged and tracked in MySigrid. This means that Sigrid.AI is able to handle critical tasks around the clock and that nothing will get in the way of continuity of service because another EA can always take a task over if necessary.

A service deeply integrated with the client's unique preferences

Each client’s unique preferences are continuously captured in a confidential Client Fact Book in MySigrid. These preferences are combined with the knowledge gained from supporting multiple clients, helping to optimize the recommendations provided. The more clients that are a part of our community, the better our AI will be at helping the EAs provide world-class recommendations.

AI makes the EA more powerful

Our EAs are augmented by machine learning to build intelligence at an exponential rate that far outstrips the capability of a traditional assistant. This increases the capacity of our staff, making the service cost-effective for people who would not otherwise consider this type of support.

Support across all time zones

The EA is reachable by email, phone, Skype, or any other way the client prefers. The EA is on-call during weekdays in either Europe, US or Asia Pacific time zones depending on the client’s location.

We handle hiring, management, and training

All of Sigrid.AI’s EAs are university educated with excellent English skills, along with years of experience working in similar roles for clients around the world. All our EAs undergo rigorous testing and receive several hours of training per week.