Contact Management

Staying in touch with contacts is as important as getting them in the first place. Are you the type of person who always sends a handwritten 'thank you' note after a dinner party, or tries to remember the names of the husband and kids of contacts you met up with? Or do you live by the mantra that ‘every meeting is an opportunity’? Then we probably built this service for you. With the Sigrid AI Contact Management service, we've got you covered.

With the Sigrid AI Contact Management service, we've got you covered. Your EA will;

  • assist you in creating a strategy for managing your business and personal contacts, including advising you about the choice of CRM/contact management/email marketing system,
  • consolidateclean up and deduplicate all your existing contacts in one centralized place,
  • continuously add new contacts to your address book from digital signatures in e-mails, emailed images of business cards, etc.,
  • sync your contacts across all your mobile devices,
  • prepare mailing lists for newsletters, Christmas cards, etc., to business and personal contacts,
  • draft and send letters and thank you notes, etc. on your behalf,
  • maintain important information (birthdate, family, when and where you met) about your contacts and enrich new contacts with information from all relevant external sources,
  • keep track of when was the last time you corresponded with or met up with a contact,

and, depending on the system you choose, your EA will help you

  • keep track of customer visits to your company website and social media pages (email opens and click thoughts, etc.),
  • create templates for customer communication, e.g., newsletter templates, landing pages, etc., 
  • draft and send out marketing emails,
  • manage leads and prospects in your sales pipeline.