Expense Management

Sigrid.AI Expense Management is a simple two-step process that allows you to spend less time expense reporting and more time on your business.

You are on your way to an important business meeting overseas and stop at a coffee shop in the airport for a latte. When the barista hands you the receipt you:

  • Take a photo of the receipt with your phone, and
  • Email it to expenses@sigrid.AI

Before you even get your latte, Sigrid.AI is already processing your receipt. Amount, currency, date and vendor are automatically extracted using optical character recognition, followed by allocation to relevant expense categories and accounting codes using AI. Finally, a human book-keeping specialist double checks all details and, if necessary, coordinates with your EA to determine which client you were on your way to meet, etc., to ensure correct allocation against project/account codes.

A few days before the submission deadline you receive a draft expense report for your approval, with all amounts reconciled against credit card statements. Once approved, Sigrid.AI can submit the expense report on your behalf, including, if necessary, electronic file formats for direct import into your preferred accounting system.