Life Logistics Management

Life Logistics Management is all about optimizing your day with a well-planned schedule that relieves you of the worry of missing or running late for your meetings and appointments.

Your executive assistant (EA) keeps your personal and professional life on track by continuously reviewing and optimizing your schedule, anticipating all your logistical requirements and resolving scheduling conflicts several weeks ahead of time. When there are last-minute changes, you can stay focused and stress-free while your EA rearranges your schedule.

Your EA coordinates all your transportation and organizes meetings, events and conference calls across time zones while providing you with a complete and continuously updated overview in a shared electronic calendar.

Your EA also makes sure you are reminded of important dates, tasks, events, and maintains a list of pending meetings and appointments that are time or location dependent.

  • Schedule optimization, including
  • Managing last minute changes
  • Meeting coordination
  • Events coordination
  • Reminders for dates, tasks, and events
  • Calendar entries following a standard format, and
  • Maintaining a list of pending meetings and appointments