Virtual Receptionist & Mail Processing

Put an end to the stress of missing calls from clients, potential leads or business partners and eliminate lost mail, penalties for unpaid bills and late replies to invites.

Sigrid.AI sets up local phone numbers in your desired locations, and your EA acts as your virtual receptionist, receiving and forwarding calls and voicemails, transcribing and emailing the content of your messages as needed.

Sigrid.AI can also set up local mailing addresses with physical mailboxes for you in multiple global locations. The virtual receptionist service receives, scans and forwards physical mail to you.


Secretarial Services

Nothing beats having your executive assistant do the transcribing while you do the innovative thinking. Your EA can assist you with the transcription of emailed-in audio recordings, as well as the preparation and proof-reading of letters, presentations, documents, and email, etc.

Your EA can also help you with video captioning, writing notes and greeting cards, template creation and maintenance, as well as designing, preparing and managing online surveys.


Inbox Management

If you receive hundreds of emails every day your inbox can quickly become the bane of your existence. That suffering increases exponentially when you are the leader of a company. There are several ways to handle this. You can either do as Apple CEO Tim Cook, who gets up at 3:45 a.m. each day and reads most of his 700-plus emails, or you can do as Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh and have a full-time team of email ninjas manage your inbox for you.

Your executive assistant monitors your inbox, actioning incoming emails and organizing, tagging, filing and prioritizing your correspondence according to your preferences. The EA can advise you on the best available tools and email services on the market and set up new email accounts for you and your employees.


Secure Payments

Sigrid.AI Virtual Debit Cards are issued through Revolut (www.revolut.com) or Cardlay (www.cardlay.com) and offer low and completely transparent fees while eliminating exchange losses when spending in different currencies.

With a prefunded Sigrid.AI Virtual Debit Card, your executive assistant can securely pay bills and make purchases such as travel tickets, hotel bookings, booking and paying for cinema tickets, ordering items to be shipped from Amazon, etc., on your behalf. All you have to do is manage the preloading of your account. This gives you complete transparency and control over every purchase, along with customizable statements in your preferred format that are integrated with your expense management process.



Knowledge is power. Stay ahead of the competition. Sigrid.AI can provide you with details about people you are meeting or, even better, find the right people for you to meet.

Your executive assistant and our support team of specialists will research any topic of interest, conduct data analyses and prepare presentations or business intelligence reports.

You can also request brief profiles of people you are about to meet. Your EA will combine information from your CRM and contacts database with information from sources such as LinkedIn and company profiles.


Document Management

When we clear the physical clutter from our lives, we make way for inspiration and good, orderly direction to enter. Wake up each morning to a well-organized and easily accessible online filing system containing all your most important files and documents in a convenient and secure, centralized place. 

Your executive assistant (EA) will work with you to set up and continuously manage a suitable online system for keeping your documents and files securely organized and conveniently accessible on all your devices.


Online Shopping

Nothing beats having your executive assistant (EA) locate and order a hard to find book, have the fridge in your summerhouse stocked, or arrange for pickup of your dry cleaning from your Airbnb.

Your EA researches and compares service and product offerings based on a detailed understanding of your preferences. As our client community grows, your EA will rely on our AI-powered recommendation engine to identify the best suppliers and service providers.


Secure Data Management

Sigrid.AI will propose and help you implement a data protection and sharing strategy for your sensitive data, log-ins, and documents that gives you secure and convenient access to your information across all your devices (mobile, tablet, computer) and lets you selectively share items such as passwords and ID information with your executive assistant. Our solution is based on the market-leading 1password system (www.1password.com) that protects all data using AES-256-bit encryption and provides our Data Protection Officer with tools for granular access permission management and usage auditing.