Subscription options

When you sign up for the service you get access to the expertise and experience of a whole team:

  • A named dedicated Executive Assistant(EA), set up as an employee of your company, who will function as your account manager, resolve all complex tasks and be responsible for the quality of the service we deliver to you,
  • one or more Associate Executive Assistants (AEAs), focused on supporting the EA in helping you. All work is quality controlled by the EA before being submitted to you. AEAs are aspiring EAs, have been through the same demanding recruitment process and receive extensive classroom and on-the-job training,
  • a team of specialists in Travel Management, Expense Management, IT Support, and Research. Our specialist areas will continue to grow in response to our clients' needs. The more specialists we add, the more diverse your EA’s skills become.

In all three of our subscription options, the work you submit is therefore handled by a team of people under the coordination and quality assurance of your assigned EA.

Full EA Service
  • Monday-Friday,
  • 30 hours a week,
  • Support from 1 EA, 1-2 Associate EA, and all Sigrid.AI Specialists,
  • Time-zone coverage: US, Europe, and Asia.
Half EA Service
  • Monday-Friday,
  • 15 hours a week,
  • Support from 1 EA, 1-2 Associate EA, and all Sigrid.AI Specialists,
  • Time-zone coverage: US, Europe, and Asia.
Quarter EA Service
  • Monday-Friday,
  • 7.5 hours a week,
  • Support from 1 EA, 1-2 Associate EA, and all Sigrid.AI Specialists,
  • Time-zone coverage: US, Europe, and Asia.

The flexibility of our team structure usually allows us to absorb short-term spikes in demand. We will inform you if your EA and support team is spending significantly more or less than the targeted number of hours over an extended period.


Continuity is guaranteed

Aside from turning your assistant into a Swiss Army knife that is continuously adding new capabilities, the team structure, and our MySigrid platform also ensure continuity. When your assistant takes time off, someone else can take over the role of managing your tasks without the service missing a beat. All you will notice is that someone else is writing you 'on behalf of' your assistant.

Since you are being serviced by an aggregate person rather than one dedicated person, the team structure means that at any given time, your assistant will be supporting two other clients.


Service Hours

Your assistant is on call during weekdays in either Europe, US or Asia-Pacific time-zones depending on your location and chosen Service Hours. Currently, the available Service Hour (SH) options are:

  • Asia 11 am - 3 pm
  • Singapore (SGST) (changes to 12nn - 4 pm during European Daylight Savings Time)
  • Europe 10am -2pm Copenhagen (CET/CEST)
  • US East 9 am - 1 pm New York (EST/EDT)


Response Times

We aim to be responsive, and our assistants will always respond as soon as possible to incoming emails and chat messages within your chosen Service Hours. Since our staff is supporting multiple clients, we cannot commit to responding immediately unless the communication is marked as 'Urgent' or 'Critical'.

Urgent or Critical tasks:

  • If your task requires immediate attention inside your Service Hours, please write the word ’Urgent’ in the subject line or chat text. Incoming voice or video calls will be treated as Urgent.
  • If your task requires immediate attention regardless of time of day (i.e., also outside of your Service Hours), please always send an email and write ’Critical' in the subject line.

These are our response time commitments:

Priority Response time*           Task Resolution
Normal                          -             Within 30 minutes Inside Service Hours (As soon as possible)
Urgent                           -              Within 15 minutes Inside Service Hours (Immediately)
Critical                           -              Within 15 minutes Anytime (Immediately)

* We aim to meet these targets for 90% of all incoming communications and exceed the time limits by less than 15 minutes for 99% of communications.


The MySigrid platform

Your assistant will be servicing you through MySigrid, our AI-enabled task, and communications software built specifically for executive assistants. MySigrid contains your confidential Client Fact Book (CFB) and all tasks and related communication. The platform enforces standard processes for the handling of different task types, thus improving quality, reducing human error and increasing speed.


Omnichannel Communication

Email lets you maintain many parallel conversations about multiple subjects over time in a so-called asynchronous manner, so even if one participant breaks off temporarily, no context is lost. We recommend using email for most of your communication with your assistant. At the same time, we encourage regularly scheduled video catch up calls between our clients and assistants to establish and strengthen their working relationship. To enable the richest possible communication between clients and our assistants, we also support the following channels:

For written communication:

  • E-mail,
    Telegram chat

For audio or video:

  • Telephone
    Voice memos (emailed voice recordings)