Full EA

30 hours/week

Half EA

15 hour/week

Quarter EA

 7.5 hours/week

Full access to support anytime, anywhere

All options give you:

  • Full support and immediate access from Monday to Friday within service hours (details below). Time zones covered are US, Europe and Asia)
  • A personal EA set up as an employee of your company who will function as your account manager, resolve all complex tasks and be responsible for the quality of the service we deliver to you
  • One or more associate executive assistants (AEAs), focused on supporting the EA in helping you. All work is quality controlled by the EA before being submitted to you
  • A team of specialists in travel management, expense management, IT support and research (our specialist areas will continue to grow in response to our clients' needs)

The flexibility of our team structure usually allows us to absorb short-term spikes in demand. We will inform you if your EA and support team is spending significantly more or less than the targeted number of hours over an extended period.

Service hours

The current service hours (time zone dependent) are:

  • Asia: 11am - 3pm (SGST. Changes to 12am - 4pm during European DST)
  • Europe: 10am -2pm (CET/CEST)
  • US: 9am - 1pm (EST/EDT)

24-hour assistance

When your assistant takes time off, someone else will take over the role of managing your tasks without the service missing a beat.

Response time

All our EAs respond to your messages as soon as possible with chosen service hours. If your message is urgent, you have the option of marking your message 'Urgent' or 'Critical' in the subject line or chat text. Incoming voice or video calls will be treated as Urgent.

If your task requires immediate attention outside of your service hours, please always send an email and write ’Critical' in the subject line.
Below are our response time commitments:

  • Normal: Within 30 minutes inside service hours
  • Urgent: Within 15 minutes inside service hours
  • Critical: Within 15 minutes anytime

Omnichannel communication

We recommend using email for most of your communication with your EA, but we do encourage regularly scheduled video catch-up calls to establish and strengthen your working relationship.

We also support the following channels:

  • Written communication: Email, SMS and telegram chat
  • Audio or video: Telephone, Zoom, Skype and voice memos (emailed voice recordings)