Travel Management

Sigrid.AI Travel Management helps you stay focused while your executive assistant and travel desk get you from point A to point B stress-free. Your executive assistant (EA) manages all aspects of your travel, including sourcing price-competitive flights, hotels, and ground transportation options. Everything is based on a detailed understanding of your preferences, as well as recommendations from our community of like-minded clients.

Your EA will purchase tickets, keep track of unused flights and ensure that points accumulation and usage is optimized across all your loyalty programs.

Your EA also prepares all necessary visas, and travel documentation handles your check-in and seat selection, arranges early hotel check-in and late check-out and resolves any last-minute changes while maintaining a detailed and up-to-date travel schedule in your preferred electronic calendar.

Your EA will also track, monitor and coordinate the safe return of lost and delayed luggage, organize research of awards and credit card benefit programs and handle insurance claims.

  • Sourcing price-competitive flights, hotels & ground transportation
  • Purchasing of tickets and tracking unused or partially used tickets
  • Managing loyalty program memberships and renewals and optimizing points accumulation
  • Check-in and seat-selection according to preferences
  • Preparing visas and travel documentation
  • Arranging early hotel check-in and late check-out
  • Submitting reimbursements
  • Maintaining a detailed and up-to-date travel schedule in your preferred electronic calendar
  • Managing last-minute changes to your schedule
  • Tracking, monitoring and coordinating the return of lost/delayed luggage
  • Researching awards and credit card benefit programs
  • Handling insurance claims for lost/delayed luggage and travel disruptions
  • Handling permits and licenses
  • Managing travel insurance programs